Selle SMP Lite 209


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About Selle SMP Lite 209 Saddle

The Selle SMP Lite 209 saddle is the ideal seat for intensive training or free time cycling.
It uses the structure of the Forma model joined with comfortable padding. It is covered in real leather in the black versions and microfiber in the colored versions. It has excellent “all-around” features and is particularly suited for the average-sized pelvis. The patented features by Selle SMP, such as the completely free central channel, the original eagle-beak nose and the raised rear give these models an interesting aerodynamic touch. The Lite 209 model is particularly suited for all those who want the maximum comfort of a seat with average width, and it is particularly ideal for people with a medium-wide pelvis.
Weight: 310g
Dimensions: 273 x 139 mm
Padding: Foamed elastomer
Body: Nylon 12 filled with carbon fiber
Covering: Real leather
Frame AISI 304 stainless steel tube
Recommended Use: Road and Mountain Bikes
Recommended for sizes: M-L-XL


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