Roeckl Longfinger Minaya

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Think big! The Minaya kicks it up a notch, not just with regard to looks. This long-finger glove, which was designed for downhilland dirt bikers, makes a robust impression. On the backhand made from wear-resistant Spandex, concealed protectors guard the sensitive knuckles. The palm consists of DURADERO, a robust synthetic suede material, and is fitted with additional KEVLAR® patches with light foam padding at the heel of the hand. They protect the palm in case of a fall, while at the same time maintaining full tactility.

The reinforcement at the cuff, the ergonomically pre-curved fingers and the Rail-Finger-Cut for additional robustness at the fingertips are testimony to this glove’s high quality. SILICONE GRIP guarantees precise handling of the brake- and gear levers as well as the handlebar, which is crucial when biking on technical trails.

The minimalistic COMFORT INNOVATION reduces the high level of pressure acting on the sensitive crook of the thumb. The fastener and piping made from REFLECT material and a soft-wipe thumb complete the Minaya’s range of features.

Comfort Innovation: Effective padding of the crook of the thumb due seamless padding. Noticeable increase in comfort especially with racing handlebars. Exclusively by Roeckl.

REFLECT: Glove contains reflecting materials for increased visibility.

back: 100% polyamide
palm: 100% polyamide
palm coating: 100% polyurethane

size: 9 1/2


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