Pearl Izumi Fly Softshell size:L

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The Pearl Izumi Fly Softshell comes in just 10g shy of the Gore in the heavyweight stakes, and it shares plenty of similarities with its rival. Comfort, thumb loops and stretchiness are all present and correct, and the smart style meant we wore it to the pub without too much mocking. Pleasing touches include a full-length draft flap behind the zipper that successfully stopped drafts.

Once on, the long sleeves had to be rolled up but the jacket dealt impressively with the wind and cold, proving surprisingly breathable as well. It remained the least water-resistant on test during runs in the rain, however, with water soaking into the fabric instead of running off the outer-lining. Although Pearl Izumi don’t tout its water-resistant virtues, we’d require a run jacket that at least offers an attempt at water resistance in the unpredictable winter months.


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