Giordana Men’s Cycling Bib Shorts SIZE:S

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Embroidered italian flag logo on strap Flocked Giordana Sport signature Rear drive side reflective strip for visibility Four needle flat-stitching isolates muscles Contoured bib straps lay to the outside of the chest providing a comfortable fit CIRRO O.F. CHAMOIS Color: Black with Champions Band|Size: Large The Giordana Sport collection reaches back to the beginnings of the apparel brand to resurrect the spirit of the iconic pieces that started it all. The original Giordana Sport tags recall unparalleled Italian heritage and the foundation upon which Giordanas international success was built. Giordana Sport embodies the essence of that timeless minimalist design from another era but technology has come a long way since then and this collection isnt simply a recycled idea. Todays Giordana Sport melds cutting-edge performance and supreme comfort with an eye to the past creating the ultimate blend of function and style. With Giordana Sport we remember the past and celebrate the present by presenting the best of both in one unmatched collection. HC44: High compression Nylon / Lycra used for short panels. AMETISTA: Used for breathable Uppers and Core Contour System where it protects the internal organs from electrical interference: Doubled seamless gripper on 7cm tall leg cuffs. MICROMESH: Rear panel between bib straps for breathability. Treated to enhance moisture management.


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