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The ROADSTER TC helmet is a versatile cycle and road bike helmet by CASCO in an urban look. If you like, you can also retrofit a visor to protect yourself from draught. Its sophisticated fit and a precisely adjustable adjustment system make this helmet a comfortable must-have for training and leisure use.

• Cycle helmet with MONOCOQUE ULTRA multi-layer construction
• DISCFIT VARIO adjustment system
• CASCO-LOC closure system
• large vents with anti-insect mesh
• Coloured CASCO MYSTYLE stripes for replacement (item no. 2086253); 360 degree visibility thanks to reflective strips (item no. 2086262)
• Available in three different shell sizes for a perfect fit
• Certified according to EN 1078 standard
• It is also possible to retrofit a visor that allows you to wear sports glasses underneath, e.g. item no. 1988307 (mirrored SPEEDmask CARBONIC visor) or 2140825 (self-tinting SPEEDmask VAUTRON visor)

Manufacturer’s ref.: 3607 (white), 3602 (black), 3605 (black/lime)

The multi-layer construction of the helmet allows for an individual material composition for every helmet zone in order to provide even better protection.

The adjustment system at the back of the head can be easily adapted to your head measurements via a turn knob. It can also be shifted vertically to ensure an ergonomic fit.

The closing mechanism can be operated with one hand and thus allows for easy adjustment while riding.


Helmet features:


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