ABUS Montrailer ACE MIPS MTB-Helmet midnight blue size m

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size 58/61 cm  480 g



The MonTrailer ACE MIPS offers this increased protection requirement and a variety of sophisticated features for off-road use. The shock-absorbing helmet material EPS in connection with the five enclosing outer shells made of polycarbonate as well as the structural reinforcement by the ABUS ActiCage make the helmet safe and robust. The existing Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) can reduce the energy in an oblique impact by up to 40%. The MonTrailer ACE MIPS is lightweight, extremely well ventilated and extremely comfortable. This helmet is perfect for racing or the everyday trail tour.


  • Good ventilation through 5 air inlets and 7 air outlets connected by flow channels
  • Bottom edge protection
  • GoggFit ensures safe positioning of the glasses and provides storage space when not in use
  • Secure fixing of action cameras and bicycle lights by BrackTech


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