Abus Centuro 860

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The Abus Centuro 860 – 85cm or 110cm lock is a great value steel cable lock for your general purpose security needs. Whether you’re out and about or at home, the quick and easy way to secure your bike to any available lamppost or railing. At 19mm-thick, the flexible steel cable is protected by hardened steel shells so you get a product that will last and with its Solid Secure Rating at Bronze, you are getting value for money.

The lock includes QuickSnap RBU bracket for rapid attachment to your bike which is suitable for frame tubing of 15-45mm, quickly coil the lock up and go.


Security Rating
Hardened steel shells and flexible steel cable
Locking system
ABUS quality cylinder with self-locking mechanism facilitate locking and unlocking
2 keys included
Quick-snap RBU bracket system for your bike
Either 85cm or 11cm (L)


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